Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bird Photography: Kitchen Tool

I have seen a Follow Focus gadget for making movie using a 35mm adapter but there are pretty expensive. This tool is useful when we are using movie mode on camera and it helps to make smooth focusing. So tried to google for DIY Follow Focus and found several youtube videos demonstrating how to make one.

Cheap follow focus DIY from André Desrochers on Vimeo.

There's even another easier method for owning one. Just buy a universal lid opener from the kitchen store (if you can find one). The photos below are shown from this website.

Update (23.12.2011): Bought this universal lid opener from ACE Hardware in Midvalley. I'm sure other ACE outlets should be selling this 'tool'. I have tried using it to open the container lid. It works! Will go home and check how smooth it is with the lens.

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