Friday, February 27, 2009

Belkin GoStudio

This is a portable audio recording for your ipod. I know many bird watchers out there will carry a portable audio (MP3) device such as Apple, Creative, Samsung, and other China makes filled with bird calls. Bird calls are readily available in the market while not all the calls can be found in the internet or bought from the store, some of you might want to record them from the wild and share it with fellow bird watchers.

While I have stumbled with many bird watchers and photographers using their MP3 playbacks in the field, very seldom I see anyone doing recordings (ok...none) except for one bird guide friend who is using this method. He uses a Sennheiser mic and Belkin Tunetalk. But if you have more budget and very interested in experimenting with audio devices, why not try the Belkin GoStudio if you have an iPod?

For more information about Belkin GoStudio, click below:
Belkin GoStudio: Portable Audio Recording for iPod

Or if you are considering getting a unit, try the link(s) below:
Belkin GoStudio Recorder for iPod (Green/Gray)

Alternatively, you can look at this Belkin TuneStudio